Public Education

I believe that it is time to reform the way Texas’ public schools are funded. We cannot expect our public school system to run effectively when there are not adequate facilities, supplies, or staff--both teachers and support staff.  

During my 9 years of service on the Northside Independent School District (NISD) Board of Trustees, I gained valuable knowledge. I know the importance of proper funding and managing growth in our school system without sacrificing student performance.

Our public school funding formulas need to be addressed for equity and adequacy. We need to expand our school funding to multiple funding sources and ensure that they are secure. Currently, our schools rely on funding that is tied directly to property values. This can create undue burdens on working-class families and seniors while leaving property-poor districts without the supplies they need. Funding our schools this way is simply not sustainable nor equitable.

We also need to address the gap between jobs and the skills of our labor force. I believe that there is value in providing Texas’ high school students with technical skill classes and certification programs. Preparing our students to enter the workforce strengthens Texas’ economy.

I bring the experience needed to fight for public education in Austin. I will Stand Up for public education!

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  • Lauren Coronado
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